cu strategic services recent deals


At CU Strategic Services, Credit Unions have potential in the business loan participation arena and member business services with the assistance of the right partner. Our CUSO wants to be your partner in the business lending arena. 

Below is a sample listing of recent deals that CU Strategic Services has completed for our credit union partners. Please contact us and see how we can grow your portfolio. 

Office                   MD               $5,300,000         76.32%       1.41x              5                          4.500%
Retail                    NY               $34,000,000       68.83%       1.25x              7                          4.000%
Industrial             OH              $20,000,000       52.63%       1.30x             10                         3.625%
Multi-family        MA              $25,500,000       65.72%       1.28x              2                          3.375%
Office                   GA               $11,000,000       78.85%       1.42x              7                          3.750%
Multi-family        SC                $3,000,000         68.18%       1.84x              7                          5.500%

Security               State         Loan Amount         LTV           DSCR       Rate (in yrs)     Pass Thru Rate