Discover the cuso that has helped so many credit unions increase their bottom line


“A lot of credit unions are in the same boat (in that) they need to grow their loan portfolio, and they don’t want to do it recklessly. They need to do something else, and that something else is member business loans, but they don’t have the expertise on staff. CU Strategic Services helps credit unions, like us, diversify our portfolio and bring up our loan-to-share ratio.”

Susan E., President/CEO  

“Business lending has been the most lucrative of all our opportunities. CU Strategic Services takes a conservative approach, so underwritten loans are solid. We’re very happy with the results.”

Jim B., President/CEO   


CU Strategic Services, formed in 2010, is a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) of the United States Senate Federal Credit Union. Composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the commercial loan arena.

CU Strategic Services has created an NCUA compliant and tested solution where we focus on providing third party due diligence with underwriting and documentation. Our team is ready to assist Credit Unions in making decisions for loan participation opportunities and member business services.


“CU Strategic Services were on site with us for a week doing annual reviews. During that time, we had just brought a new staff member on board, and they trained him for three days while doing the annual reviews. It really was a priceless situation because not only are they helping us get through our workload, but they brought their expertise in house to train our staff.”

Cathy B., COO